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Forty & Wiser

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Jessica was turning 40. She desired to know the wisdom from women 40 and older, but we like the term 40 and wiser better!


Jessica wanted to celebrate the next decade with a book; sharing wisdom from women all over the world. She came to Yvonne to create this book.


There were two simple questions each woman was asked:


→ What is your #1 piece of wisdom?

→ What would you tell your younger self?


Here are the responses from 3 women after having a sneak peek of this book:


Inspiring! Uplifting! A great tool to motivate my spirit. When I stay connected with people who are confident then I stay in that place longer which is a big mission in my life.” -Michelle Trimarco


This book brought much needed joy to my heart. It is a must read to get you through bumps in life and avoid them. It made feel okay about my life and inspired.” -Martha Hill


“A fascinating tour through significant women’s lives that nicely intertwines the common theme of what it takes to be a successful woman today. This book is an anthology of intelligence, motivation, and encouragement. Whatever your mission in life, this feel-good collection of experiences will surely motivate you to examine your approach to success, big or small. What a unique and creative way for an author to craft a book that serves as a tool to inspire and lead!” -Melissa Whitmore.


This book is for all women of all ages. Girls around the globe can benefit from this wisdom to live a richer, fuller life!


The book is FREE. All Jessica and Yvonne ask is you share this with women around the globe.


Forty & Wiser

The Ebook is free, but for those who prefer a hard copy, they can order it from Amazon.